About the club

What is the Audiovisual Maniac Club about?

The blog / online magazine is about audiovisual industry focused on content for TV, Cinema, streaming and other digital media platforms. This “house of worship for entertainment and pop culture” is created by a maniac for the Audiovisual industry for other maniacs too.

You can find out information about films, series, TV, music, new media and other stuff related to the media worldwide. Catch up on the upcoming projects, check out the latest news, tips, reviews, how the TV / Film industries work, get updated about the exciting content and cultural events, re-watch and remember iconic, funny, and classic audiovisual projects produced around the world.

Join me in this light side of the force and keep yourself informed, entertained and engaged to this club! I hope you have a lot of fun!

Who is behind the scene?

I am a creative writer, scriptwriter, journalist, producer, and content marketing developer with over 9 years of experience in Media Production, Communication, Public Relations, Print Media and Marketing Strategies. I worked for companies such as MTV, Animal Planet, Band, SBT, Discovery and, Fremantle Media. I have a strong background to develop artistic and journalistic content for different media platforms such as Television , Cinema , internet and social media. Also, I have experience with Marketing Management , Marketing Content and Corporate Communication.

I hold a ‘Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media’, a Bachelor’s Degree in ‘Media & Communication: radio, TV, films and internet’, Certificate in ‘Journalism’, a Master’s in ‘Writing for Digital media’. I am from Brazil but I’ve been in Ireland since 2017.

I created this blog to express my interest in Entertainment and Pop Culture, especially movies, series, TV programmes and music.


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